Let me start by going back a few years when I was visiting Zurich for work and after a tiring couple of weeks in the city I was all set to take the flight back to India the next morning at 11 AM. I decided to wind up early and went to bed around 9 PM. Around 9:30 PM someone knocked the door and since I was staying in a company Guest house I knew it will be someone from my work. I answered the door, and a tall american guy wearing a weird-looking cap asked me to get ready. I was a bit sleepy and responded with a bit of irritation since I never met this guy before. He said, I need to hurry up as I will delay everyone else’s plan and then I noticed another guy and a lady standing around. I tried to make sense out of it, and told them I need to catch some sleep as I got a long flight in the morning. But they insisted and I eventually joined them for a night of crazy fun.

Have you ever met someone so full of life, bright and alive that they leave an impression on you no matter how small the interaction was. Dan Fredinburg, was one of them. I met him for the first time when he knocked on the door in Zurich, and a few times again in Bangalore and San Francisco.  He was crazy to say the least, always on to something.

I was shocked to learn yesterday that he could not make it out of his last adventure. More than shock I felt it was unfair. Unfair on him, unfair on his family, friends. Having lost someone close recently I can imagine what his family/friends must be going through. Imagine someone you see or hear-from every single day, disappear for ever. And you don’t get to even say goodbye.

Dan lived more in last few years than most of us do in a lifetime.

We waste a lot of moments living someone else’s life, chasing false dreams, faking the faith with the hope that it will be all worth it one day.  Take a break, think what’s worth and what’s not. Do not wait for tomorrow to apologize or say how much you love someone.

Live for Today!

I hope Dan’s family and families of all the affected people in Nepal gets the strength to go through the tough times. Also if you can, please do help out the people in need.

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    I would love to meet you. thank you for these beautiful pictures. I’m sad cause no one see your post.
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