A Quick Look Back: 2K10

A Quick Look Back: 2K10
Although year 2010 was something that I would like forget but I have listed few pics from the good times I had throughout the year. 
During the Bike ride to Papi-Kondalu. Pic by Nagaraj.
There were crazy bike rides to the places I never visited before, 
From the North East trip, from left Me, Vignesh, Lovell, Joshua, John and Mukhi
and trips to the places I always wanted to visit. 
At Indo-China border, played cricket with Indian Army in -5 C.
We played in extreme conditions, 
Pic taken by Joshua
and we still won. 
During Matheran trip. 
Some unplanned trips,
Raghav and Subhav in Matheran’s official Dress 🙂 
that turned to be out be super fun. 🙂 
Some memories to forget,
One random day of work, we decided to thone-strowing. Pic by Lovell
Some to remember. 
10 Points for guessing this place. 
Few things can never change!
Dussehra celebration in Hyderabad. Uncle with a record book that lists name of the people who attended Dussehra festival that year. 
but few legacies are never meant to change.
Diwali decoration at home. 
India is about festivals, 
A ritual during Diwali. 
Uncle’s family in Hyderabad after pooja.
and culture. 
More Diwali decoration. 
View from my office in SFO
I love my job,
Bellagio fountain in Las Vegas
and I love to travel.
A Casino in Las Vegas
Travelling is fun :). 
Golden Gate bridge San Francisco
Hope you had a better 2010, wish you a super awesome 2011.
Remember 2012 is not too far, have fun :). 

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  1. HRgorgeous

    WoW .. thats the true justice to ur 2010 achievements! Fabulously written & composed and I enjoyed it as much as u’ve enjoyed the whole 2010 trip of ur’s! God bless u & ur talent dear.. Have a respectful year ahead! 🙂

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